Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2016-2017

Junior Speaking Contest

On Monday, September 23, 2017 we had the school rounds for the Junior Speaking Contest. Four candidates for year 2 took part (Jan van Asselt, Marten van Dam, Jorg Koudijs and Matthijs de Leeuw). For year 3 three candidates took part (Bettine van Dam, Wendy Oosterbroek and Esther van der Wind). Although all seven students had brilliant speeches, only 2 of them could win a prize – giving them entrance to the regional rounds on DV March 9. Matthijs de Leeuw (2VA) and Wendy Oosterbroek (3VA) were this year’s winners. Great job!

Guestlesson Rev. Nicolas Ude

Rev. Ude from Nigeria is a preacher in the Nigeria Reformed Church and principal of the John Calvin secondary school in his state. He explained the difference in amenities between his rural school and ours. On the other hand he noticed a shared vision on explaining the Bible and took Bible lessons for daily life.

Guestlesson by Rev. David Zadok and Simon Jameson, both from Israel

Rev. Zadok is a converted Jew, who sticks to the Jewish rules. He explained the position of Messiah-confessing Jews in his country. Simon Jameson, an ex-soldier,  gave our students a view on daily troubles and unsafe experiences in Israel.

Christmas celebration

Our Christmas devotion this year was led by Rev. W. Pieters, formerly from Canada. He explained the message of the Gospel in such a way that the students could understand it very well, and take it to heart. We sang many hymns and carols after the meditation.

International days

In January all TTO classes attended lessons and workhops on sustainability and fair trade. The NGO Woord and Daad started these days with an informative lecture and asked our students to make promotional material for W&D. Our students made a film or a poster to sell ‘pure’coffee. Workshops like defending ourselves in a non-violent way, making a fair – trade logo and recycling old textile in a piece of art, could be chosen. All of the students took part in a lesson on Central American economy and a workshop on South American music.  The days made students aware of our prosperity and responsibilty for creation. We finished the days with a very delicious dinner in South – American style.

Presentation evening

February 15, years 1,2 and 3 CLIL gave a proof of their capability of presenting in English to parents and relatives. Class 2VA served a traditional British high tea. Beautiful chinaware on matching tablecloth was laid out, a candle- lit classroom made a pleasant place to be , and mouthwatering savory and sweet dishes were served to the parents. The eating culture of inhabitants from the North Pole districts to peoples in South East Asia, was explained afterwards to the complete audience. Class 1 had made beautiful stands to instruct all about climate and other geographical features of Central America. Class 3 presented ‘Bitter sweet’, a history of a Dutch colony in Suriname with slides, film and sketches, all developed and performed by the students themselves.

Junior Speaking Contest

On March 9 Matthijs de Leeuw (2VA) and Wendy Oosterbroek (3VA) took part in the regional rounds of the Junior Speaking Contest for TTO. Both students gave a wonderful speech, certainly worth mentioning.