Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2015-2016

Day of the Languages

Friday September 25, 2015, sixteen students from classes 2 and 3 represented the VLC – TTO department at their former primary school. They instructed groups 7 and / or 8 in English and explained the content of CLIL.

Excursion to Xanten

October 30, 2015 class 2VA TTO went to the Archeologic Park Xanten, in Germany. Students got a guided tour and visited Roman replicas of temples, houses, a bakery, a guesthouse and remains of the Roman Period itself, e.g. the wall of Colonia Ulpia Traiectina, as Xanten was called during the Roman Empire.

Excursion to Nijmegen

In September class 1VA TTO went to Nijmegen to visit the Roman department of the Municipal Museum. Nijmegen, in Roman times called Noviomagus, harbours many remains of Ancient times: mirrors, cups, glassware, jewelry, mosaics, weapons etc. This excursion revived the ancient civilization.

World Citizenship Days

October 16 and 17, classes 1, 2 and 3 TTO took part in an international project: ‘World Citizenship Days’. October 16, classes paid attention to the worldwide persecution of Christians, explained by the ‘Open Doors’ organisation. Students have seen a film, answered questions in the project booklet and have written an encouraging postcard to a Christian prisoner. In the afternoon, anticipating on China day,  they took part in Chinese sportsactivities, like acrobatics and martial arts. October 17, students followed three workshops, led by Chinese specialists: Chinese Mandarin, Chinese cooking, and Chinese fine arts. All classes joined in at the Chinese lunch and enjoyed the food made during cooking lessons and extra food brought in.

Remembrance day

The 11th of November World War I ended. November 11 is the official day in England, to remember the victims of both World Wars. To commemorate this war, class 3VA has seen a real wreath and ‘poppies’ during history lesson and listened to a poem expressing the sorrow felt by survivors of the battles.

Presentation Evening 2016

February 10, years 1,2 and 3 CLIL have given a proof of their capability of presenting in English to parents and relatives. Class 2VA served a traditional British high tea with beatiful chinaware on tables, a cosy classroom, and mouthwatering savory and sweet dishes. The history of the high tea was explained afterwards to the complete audience. Class 1 had made beautiful stands to attract people to their European travelmarket. Class 3 dealt with  the issue of black and white people in the USA, by a talkshow. In the show slavery was explained with a homemade film and segregation with a roleplay on Little Rock Nine.

Guestlesson by Mrs. Sheralyn Orpwood (RSA)

February 17, classes 1,2 and 3 CLIL have got a guestlesson delivered by Mrs. Sheralyn Orpwood, from South Africa. She explained the Apartheid and has shown how black people in Lesotho used to build traditional huts, how jobs in agriculture took place and how housewifes ran a household until recently. The change for the better was also shown since Nelson Mandela stopped the segregation.

Guestlesson Ronald Mutubazi

In september 2015 Ronald Mutubazi gave a guestlesson about tribal life in Uganda under Idi Amin. Mutubazi was positive about the centralized power during Amins dictatorship.

Guestlesson Mr. and Mrs. Field

In the autumn, we had the privilege of having Mr. And Mrs. Field in our midst again. Mr. Field taught a lesson on a Biblical subject and Mrs. Field instructed the students in ethics and social behaviour.


Prof. dr. A. Baars, formerly from Canada, led all the TTO students in a Christmas devotional. We sang many hymns/carols, and recited poems.

Visit to Amsterdam

In April, class 3VA started the day with  introduction to squashing in the Frans Otten stadium. In the afternoon the students visited the Hollandse Schouwburg and the Portuguese Synagogue as a final activity to the lessons on the Holocaust. Late in the afternoon we were guests at the US Consulate, where Sherman McGRew delivered a very instructive lesson on “A Bridge too Far” at Arnheim, in 1944.

Exchange with the AHF gymnasium Detmold

In May, class 3VA had an exchange with the grammarschool students of the AHF schule. During this day we focused on: “Persecuted Christians worldwide” and we paid special attention to the enslaved girls from Chibok in Nigeria, who were taken captive by Boko Haram. We supported the parents of the girls by sending a Christian message on a postcard. We had a pantomime with music on slavery. The elaborate sports amenities attracted our students to play many a game. The atmosphere was open and pleasant. The hospitality was great.

Excursion tot he European Parliament in  Brussels

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we have not been in Brussels. We have followed an alternative program on the EU and Esther de Lange at school.

Excursion to England

In June, class 2VA went on Excursion to England. The students had wonderful conversations on the streets of Canterbury. The Evensong afterwards made students aware of our Christian faith, celebrated in a different way. In Tunbridge Wells we met our host families.
Wednesday we started at Beachy Head, the walk over the cliffs to Birling Gap was absolutely worthwhile. A short visit to the White Horse and a challenging, but cooperative program afterwards at Bewl Waters made the day complete. In the evening the hostfamilies served dinner and were interviewed by our students.
Dane Court Grammar school (DCGS) in Broadstairs  offered a different program. Instead of attending lessons, we focused on study opportunities and future jobs at the study market, held at school. After the market our students delivered presentations on Dutch culture, as promised. The teachers and pupils of DCGS were absolutely amazed by our students’ level of English and by the fact that they dared give a presentation in a foreign language for so many people. A nice sports program finished the exchange.  In the evening we attended a church service at a Baptist chapel.
Early Friday morning we departed for Dover and after a long, but enjoyable trip we arrived in Amersfoort.

Excursion to the military Museum in Soesterberg

Almost at the end of the school season, class 1VA had a lesson on the Cold War in the nearby museum. Especially the boys were impressed by the tanks, planes and weapons. The instruction was given by a retired military officer.