Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2014-2015

Day of the Languages

September 16, 2014. Fifteen students from classes 2 and 3 represented the TTO department at their former primary school. They instructed groups 7 and/ or 8  in English and explained the content of CLIL.

November 11th

Class 3VA remembered november11th 2014 during history lesson. The different ways to remember the end of World War One were shown. In contrast to secular ceremonies we sang the hymn “O God our help in ages past” wearing our poppies with pride.


Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November. They remember the first rich harvest in their new country been given to English and Dutch immigrants after a winter of much starvation.
Classes 1VA and 2VA have paid attention to November 27 by investigating the origins of Thanksgiving, singing the national anthem and a thanksgiving hymn. After that they were treated on American refreshments.

Junior Speaking Contest

On January 14, 2015 the schoolrounds for the Junior Speaking Contest were held in the auditorium of our school. Mirjam Boot, Anne-Ruth Eits and Geraldine van Hell were the contestants for year 2. Eric Boot and Sven Koudijs took part for year 3. All five contestants did a wonderful job, performing in front of an audience of three classes (1VA, 2VA, 3VA), several teachers, the judges, and the question panel. Unfortunately we can only have one winner per year. Geraldine van Hell and Eric Boot will be going to the regional rounds of the JSC on February 10, 2015 in Zeist. They will do a great job there as well, no doubt.

Visit consulate USA 2015

Op 1 april 2015 had klas 3VA TTO een excursie naar Amsterdam. Eerst werd er gesquashed, en in de middag waren we gast van het Consulaat van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Nadat we zorgvuldig gescreend waren, werden we verwelkomd door de consul, John Wilcock. Hij legde uit welk werk men doet op het consulaat. Daarna gaf Mr. Sherman Mc Grew  een gedetailleerde lezing over de rol van Amerika in Europa in de bevrijding, tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration December 19, 2014. Classes 1, 2 and 3 TTO had a special Christmas celebration led by Prof. Dr. A. Baars, ( formerly pastor in Canada) focusing on the Gospel according to Luke. Many hymns, carols have been sung and selfmade poems have been recited.

Presentation evening

Presentation evening February 18, 2015. Classes 1, 2 and 3 TTO presented to a full house, consisting of parents, relatives, friends and former TTO students, what they have learned during lessons Geography, History and English. Class 1:  defended in groups their best choice for a holiday on the European travelmarket. Class 2:  performed moments of schoollife of the Van Lodenstein College in the past and now, as  we are celebrating the 40 years anniversary of our school this year. Class 3 made a film and presented episodes of the fall of the  Berlin Wall, as we remembered the fall  of the Wall 25 years ago, in november 2014.

Exchange AHF-Detmold

Exchange with class 9 of  the August Hermann Francke gymnasium from Detmold, Germany, April 15 , 2015. Today we received our German guests with a programme focusing on the theme: “The gospel in Word and Deed”. We had guestspeakers from the wellfare organisation: “Woord and Daad”. Students took part in a sportsprogramme: “James Bond Game” and joined a workshop according their choice: either a Bibletranslating programme, led by experts of the Wyclyffe organisation; or a creative programme to draw Bible elements, led by senior students of our school; or the Fairtrade game led by teachers; or the Micro – credit programme, also led by a teacher; or a course djembé -drumming, led by a music specialist.
We sang hymns concerning bringing the Gospel worldwide, led by a professional choir leader and concluded this day with a perfect meal.

Excursion to England

From Tuesday, May 19 till Friday May 22 class 2VA went on Excursion to England. Despite a little rain the first day, the students had wonderful conversations on the streets of Canterbury. The Evensong afterwards was a good way to end the day. Tunbridge Wells, excited voices, nervous looks…yes discovering which host family was yours was quite a new experience. However, all went well and soon the meetingpoint was quiet again.
Wednesday promised to be a fantastic day, and it was. Starting at Beachy Head, the walk over the cliffs to Birling Gap was absolutely worthwhile. A short visit to the White Horse and a challenging but cooperative programme afterwards at Bewl Waters made the day complete. Arriving early at the meeting point, the students had dinner in their hostfamilies and interviewed them for an English assignment.
Thursday was the most nerve-wracking day… the visit to Dane Court Grammar school in Broadstairs. A tour of the school, meeting your e-mail partner, attending lessons and joining in a P.E. lesson, everything combined made the visit to the school very impressive. However, not only our students were impressed, students and teachers of Dane Court Grammar School complimented class 2VA on their brilliant presentations held for about 200 people. They were absolutely amazed by their level of English and by the fact that our students dared give a presentation in a foreign language for so many people. From Broadstairs the coach took us to Crowborough where we attended a church service with a very important message: “Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth.” After talking to the congregation members the coach took us back to Tunbridge Wells for the last night at the host families.
Friday dawned early and bright and after a long but enjoyable trip we arrived safe and sound back in Amersfoort where parents and siblings were waiting expectantly. We can be thankful for this very pleasant trip.

Excursion to Brussel

Klas 3VA ging op 18 juni  2013 in het kader van de afronding van Europese Internationale Oriёntatie naar het Europese Parlement te Brussel. De klas trotseerde dapper de hitte ( 34 ° C !) toen ze de man in de straat bevroeg over de EU. Daarna werden ze ontvangen  in het  Europese Parlement door de EPP group, waar de mevrouw Corien Wortmann met de klas in duscussie ging over de aanpak van de crisis en de maatregelen betreffende transport. Binnen het gebouw werd de Mickey Mouse zaal getoond waar gelobbyd wordt en de symboliek van de samenwerking binnen de EU uitgelegd werd aan de hand van de staalconstructie in de centrale hal. Daarna gingen we in sneltreinvaart door het Parlementarium om onze visie op het functioneren van het Europese Parlement te voltooien. De dag werd afgesloten bij de Mc.

Guestlessons during this course

This year we have had several international guests:
1. Ronald Mutubazi gave a lesson about his country Uganda, in which he has shown the amazing nature and the remarkable history during Idi Amin.
2. Sherman Mc Grew gave his lesson when we visited the American Consulate. He dealt with the help of the US in the  Liberation, November 1944 in Nijmegen/Arnhem.
3. Yannick Imbert from France and Kim Tran from Vietnam gave a lesson in English on the Christian University in Aix – en – Provence in France.
4. Julia Mestre has explained the complicated history of her fatherland: Hungary.
5. Chen Jianwen, student agriculture,  from Shanghai has shown some details from China.


Monday evening, June 22, was the moment class 3VA had looked forward to for three years…the graduation. After lots of hard work, fun, and sometimes frustrated teachers the students finally received their CLIL certificates, portfolios and Anglia certificates. It was the first time since the start of CLIL at the Van Lodenstein College that every student had done and passed their Anglia Accept Proficiency exams, something worth celebrating. It was an enjoyable evening together with teachers, parents, grandparents, and siblings.

International games

Again this year we had the “International Games”. Special about the event was that we had a visit from a German school, so they could join in. We played a kind of dodge ball called “James Bond Game” and a mix of different games in one. The visit from Germany made it extra international.
Other classes went to squash courts to get to know the basics of squash. It was visible everybody enjoyed it!

Maths Challenge 2015

On 4 June 2015 our team (Rinco and Esther, 1st class and Niels and Mirjam 2nd class and our teacher, Mr. van Rijswijk) participated in the Maths Challenge. This contest was held at RSG Broklede in Breukelen.
The match consisted of four parts, which were all about maths and we had to solve them. Sometimes with the whole team, sometimes in pairs. All the parts had a lot of sums, and one part also involved some running. Most of the sums we could do, because they weren’t too difficult, but some we could just not finish. Because we didn’t have much time, we really had to work together and help each other, which was very good.
Everything was in English, so if we didn’t understand everything, we could ask it to one of the British students from Tonbridge Grammar School. They had come to Broklede, specially for the Maths Challenge, to help us.
Finally, after a long day of maths, the results came. Our team finished 22nd of 39 teams, which is about halfway. We look back on this day, as a nice and instructive day, on which we didn´t only do maths, but also worked on teambuilding.