Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2013-2014

Day of the Languages

The 26th of September,  the Day of the Languages, 10 students of group 2VA have given lessons in English at their former primary school. They performed well in their role as teachers.

Gastsprekers uit Noord-Ierland

Oktober the 28th 2013, Mr.David Wilson, schoolleader  and his daughter Sarah – Jane,  teacher of Spanish and music at Clogher Valley Independent Christian School have shown us the values of  protestant christian education and christian lifestyle at Clogher Valley school during guestlessons to all CLIL students.


November 11 class 3VA remembered the end of World War 1 by singing the hymn ‘O God our help in ages past’ and wearing a proper ‘poppy’ to remind us of the many victims of that war.

Guestlesson ds. Field

November the 14th we had the privilege to meet Mr. and Mrs. Field from England.  Mrs. Field explained to classes 2VA and 3VA how to behave in a British family, which is a good preparation for the England excursion.  Mr. Field told the story of Josef, to teach class 1VA to behave in a christian way and to say no to the works of satan.


November 29 class 2VA celebrated a belated Thanksgiving during historylesson. Besides of a story explaining the journey and the first harvest  of the Pilgrim fathers, students watched a video on the history of Thanksgiving and we concluded with a sweet treat: a real American muffin and a brownie.

Guestlesson 3VA

Class 3VA had the privilege to meet mrs. Sheralyn Postma, South African by birth. She explained the Apartheid system, which our students could not understand really. Besides of that Sheralyn has shown many pictures on the beautiful scenery and black culture.


On Friday December 20th the TTO-classes had their annual Christmas-Service. With each other we sang and read the Gospel. Prof. dr. A. Baars meditated on Luke 2. Each class delivered a contribution to this service, poems were read and songs were performed. It was a blessed meeting!

Guestlesson 3VA

December 20 Sheralyn Postma, born and bred in South Africa, explained the issue of  Apartheid to class 3VA. She also demonstrated  smart solutions  of the black population, solving lack of materials and finally she has shown many pictures of her beautiful country.

Guestlesson 2VA

Wednesday February 5th, class 2VA had the privilege to have had a guest lesson given by Ronald Mutabazi, from Kampala in Uganda. He dealt with the christian faith in public life in his country.

Junior Speaking Contest

On Monday, (February 10, 2014), Debora van der Velde (2VA) en Anne-Ruth Vos (3VA) took part in the regional rounds of the Junior Speaking Contest (JSC). The JSC is for students in 2 and 3 TTO and organized by the European Platform and British Council. The regional rounds were held in  the Dorenweerd College in Doorwerth. It was a wonderful experience!

High Tea class 1VA

On Tuesday (February 11, 2014) class 1VA organized a real British high tea for their teachers. The students enjoyed serving their teachers and communicated with them in English, despite the fact that some teachers are not used to speaking English on a daily basis. Almost all the food was home-made and tasted absolutely delicious!

Presentatieavond TTO

On Wednesday evening, February 12, 2014 we had our annual TTO presentation evening. Class 1VA, 2VA en 3VA had worked hard to make this evening a great succes. The travelmarket, done by class 1VA, was once again a wonderful market with many beautiful stands. The three prizes went to the Belgium stand (first), the Italian stand (2nd) and the Greek stand (3rd). However, all students had put much effort into it.
Class 2VA presented and told the story of Oliver Twist. They also included some information on the author, Charles Dickens, and about what it was like to be young in Victorian Times.
Class 3VA presented their movie which had been made in Camp Amersfoort. The information they gave parents and students was sometimes shocking but very interesting. It is good to know more about the history of this camp, especially because it is near to the school.
Last, but not least, a group of students from 1VA, 1VB, 2VA, 2VB and 3VA presented their vision on the future. They had worked for several months in small projects researching which things might change in the coming years. Important to keep in mind is that this was a prediction made by people, but what our future will really be like, is only known to God.

Bezoek Europees Parlement

March 18 2014 class 3VA was invited by the CDA to come to the European Parliament at Brussels. We were guided over the building by Dieter Staat, an Assistant Member of Parliament and staffmember of Mrs. Wortmann, as Mrs. C. Wortmann – Kool could not be present at the occasion. He explained  many details on the work of lobbying, voting and commission work, transport and economy and the position of Ukraine recently. Students were impressed by it.  After that, students ventured on the streets to interview individuals about the EU.

Tasting a foreign country

As class 3VA we had to give a presentation of a foreign country. Not only did we have to research the country’s history, geography, religion and economy, we also had to select and prepare a recipe from that country. From Austrian Kaiserschmärn to Italian bruschetta to Ukranian pelmeni; it was not only delicious it also opened our eyes to different foods from around the world.

Worldcitizenship 3VA

Class 3VA had days of ‘worldcitizenship on April 22 and 24. Chinese teachers, Mrs. Li and Mrs. Yin introduced us to the Mandarin language  in spoken and written examples. Student stook part in a tea-ceremony and heared traditional Chinese songs and instruments. In the afternoon they investigated the building of the Chinese wall. On April 24 class investigated suppression of christians worldwide and wrote to imprisoned fellowchristians in Africa, Asia and South – America. The day was concluded by a dip into other cultures. That session is mentioned in another contribution on this website.

Detmold – 3VA

May 11 and 12 class 3VA has been the guest of our partnerschool at Detmold, Germany. We shared our christian values in songs, Bibleclasses, Latin phrases on ancient houses and in arts. Our partners shared their history with us, by giving a guided tour over the Russian – German museum. We had fun during sportsactivities and we enjoyed excellent food. We have spent a night in a hostfamily. This exchange was really too short!

Guestlesson 1VA Chen Jianwen from Shanghai

May 28 2014, class 1VA had the privilege to get a special lesson geography, given by Chen Jianwen from Shanghai in China. His very attractive explanation was valued much by 1VA.

Trip to England

On June 13 the big day had finally arrived for two CLIL classes: the excursion to England for 2VA and 3VA students. Enthusiasm, sunshine, fun and English are keywords that describe this wonderful trip. Canterbury, the Evensong, Beachy Head, Birling Gap, Bewl Waters, the white horse, Eastbourne, the Science Observatory Centre and Forest Fold Baptist Chapel are places that no longer sound unfamiliar. Students and teachers alike look back at this excursion as a wonderful and enjoyable experience they will not easily forget. Getting up early and the lack of sleep were well worth it!