Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2012-2013

International games

Today we had “International Games”. We started with “Bombardment” as an introduction.  This was followed by three different  games: “Go-go”, “Floorball” and some basics of “Baseball”. It was fun to see everybody enjoying the games and cooperating to reach the goal of the games.
It gave a good taste of Physical Education.

Bezoek van Hongaren en Roemenen

September 18 2012 we had 18 Hungarian and Romanian Reformed school managers in our school. They were welcomed and shown over the place by class 3VA. Our TTO students explained the structure of our school system and guided them to lessons in English and German. A small group of the choir and orchestra performed Buxtehude WV77: Nichts soll uns scheiden von der Liebe Gottes. Then Mrs.I. Kovacs, leader of the Wesselenyi highschool at Zalau in Romania gave a guestlesson to classes 1, 2 and 3 TTO about the possibilities of  Reformed education after communism and about the difficult position that  Christian schools still have in Romania. After this lesson the guests got a lecture by Mr. A. van Grol on Christian leadership. A hot meal was served and in the evening Dr. W. Fieret, lector of identity of the Hoornbeeck College, delivered a speech in which he published the results of his studies after the identity of our Reformed young people.  It was great opportunity to speak with our delegation of Eastern Europe. Our  guests, the pupils, teachers and managers fully enjoyed it.

Dag van de Talen

September 26th was the Day of the Languages and many students from classes 2 and 3 TTO went to their former primary school to give a presentation on TTO and to instruct groups 7 and /or 8 in English. In the photo’s  a serious teacher  is depicted, who is delivering his lesson at the ‘Wartburg’ school at Scherpenzeel.

Gastles rev. Poggo

Friday October 12th 2012, Rev. Anthony Poggo, bishop of the Episcopalian church of South Sudan, was our guest. In his speech to classes 5 vwo, TTO class 2 and 3, he put the stress on the possibilities the new state South Sudan has got since its independency in 2011. During his talk he gave also a very impressive explanation of the fundaments of the Christian faith.

Christmas Carol

December 21st CLIL students had an impressive devotional meeting on Christmas. Rev. Sonnevelt explained the gospel, students sang carols and said poems composed by themselves on Christmas.

Junior Speaking Contest 1

Yesterday (January 28, 2013) the school rounds of the Junior Speaking Competition were held. Four contestants of year 2 and four contestants of year 3 competed with each other for the first prize. It was a wonderful competition with brilliant speeches.
The jury had a difficult task, but of course, there can only be one winner for each year. Gershon Osnabrugge (2VA) and Leanne Oosterwijk (3VA) both became winner of their year. They hope to go on to the regional rounds at the Cals College in Nieuwegein. Niek Zondag (2VA) and Judith Bravenboer (3VA) are the runners-up.

Guest lesson

In January 2013 a lady who works in South East Asia shared her experience on education with classes 1Va, 2VA and 3VA. She told about school organization, social behavior and the language. Our students could practice a few sentences in the Asian language. Our schools were valued much better after her presentation.


On February the 14th, TTO students held their presentations for parents. Class 1 transformed the canteen into a European travelmarket. They tried to convince the audience to visit the land of their choice, with selfmade information, refreshments and a beautiful  stand. Winners of this contest got a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd prize. Class 1 sang also some international anthems. Class 2 made a convincing portrait of the time of Jan Steen. They told information about the 17th century from a village school developed by themselves, with the help of English,History, Latin, Arts and design classes. Class 3 took the audience to the period of the nazi-era. Students played the role of elderly people who reflected on the time of the nazi persecution. Included in the play, the presented two films made by themselves on resistance. The presentation was concluded by an appeal for peace and love.

Excursie 3VA Amsterdam

March 22nd 2013 class 3VA CLIL  went on a field trip to Amsterdam. In the morning the boys and girls played squash, and in the afternoon we were guests of the General Consulate of the United States. After having been screened carefully, we were welcomed by the consul John Wilcock. He explained  the daily activities performed at the consulate and delivered a detailed speech on the role of the USA and the NATO in Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War.We had a lovely dinner at a chinese restaurant at Amersfoort at the end of the day.

Guestlesson 1VA

On May 7, 2013 Nguyên Ðô Lan Anh from Vietnam visited class 1VA. At the end of the lesson everyone was convinced that Vietnam is a beautiful country with an interesting history.

High Tea 1VA

On May 23, 2013 class 1VA organized a high tea for their teachers. It was a great atmosphere and there was an abundance of sandwiches, cupcakes, brownies, scones, chocolates, etc. most of which was ‘ home-made’. Fantastic!

Team Maths Challenge

On the 7th of June A1VA and A2VA pupils attended the so-called Team Maths Challenge in Alphen aan de Rijn. The team has to execute four different exercises. It is a group competition to solve ten difficult questions within 45 minutes. The next round was solving a cross number, in which the team is divided into pairs (across and down pair). The 3rd round is about finding sequences in tables with data (or finding the formula). The most spectacular round is the last one. Here the pupils have to solve as much as possible exercises. The questions have to be picked up somewhere in the room, so they have to run fast !

Excursie Brussel

On June 18th 2013, class 3VA had an excursion to the European Parliament at Brussels to evaluate the lessons on European International Orientation. In the scorching heat ( over 33° C !) our students asked the general public after the opinion of the EU. The second part of the day was the discussion with Mrs. Corien Wortmann – Kool of the EPP – Group on issues concerning the crisis and transport in the building of the European Parliament. We were shown over special places in the building, as the Mickey Mouse bar for lobbying and the steel construction in the central hall where all steel bones formed an equilibrium. The last part at Brussels was a very quick scan of the Parlementarium, where we could learn how  the European Parliament came into existence.

Graduation 3VA

Monday July 8, 2013 was the big day. Finally class 3VA got their so treasured certificates for completing Junior TTO and having passed their English exams.It was a wonderful evening in American Graduation style, complete with caps and gowns.

Alternatief programma 2VA

Since the excursion to England had been cancelled, class 2VA participated in a different program at a school. On Tuesday they started the day with an interesting lecture by Mr. Thomson about the differences between British and American culture. After that the students prepared cakes, cupcakes, scones, sandwiches etc. for a High Tea. It was delicious! On Wednesday the students showed great teamwork in several sportive activities in the P.E. rooms. The day was ended with a beautiful video called “Earth Flight”. Despite the disappointment about the cancelled excursion, the students were very motivated and enthusiastic.