Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2011-2012

International games

On August 24, 2011 class 1VA had a wonderful start to their P.E. (Physical Education) lessons by playing several International Games. The ‘new’ TTO students played games like: floorball, frisbee and Go-Go.

Gastles W&D

On September 12, 2011 Ms. Hope Siwale from Zambia provided a guest lesson during one of class 2VA’s geography lessons. She spoke about her country, emphasizing the medical side. The students were very enthusiastic and asked her many questions. Ms. Siwale represented Word and Deed and was accompanied by former colleague Els Hogendoorn.

Guest lecture Mr. Keuning

Mr.C.J.  Keuning from Hamilton, Canada came to give a guest lecture to the students of 2 and 3VA about emigration to Canada after WW ll.  He emigrated to Canada in 1968 with his parents. Mr. Keuning, an accountant, talked about the motives, challenges and opportunities that the emigrants faced. He also mentioned the difficulties in finding a faithfull church in their new country; this often led to the creation of new denominations with help from the mother churches in The Netherlands. The students responded to his lecture with thoughtfull questionst, which Mr Keuning äppreciated.

Dag van de Talen

On the Day of Languages (September 26, 2011) 22 students from class 2VA visited their former school. They had some wonderful TTO presentations. It was wonderful and a bit exciting to teach in English…!! Our students were well motivated and the primary schools really appreciate their visit each year. A compliment for these people!

Mr. and Mrs. Field

On October 6, 2011 Reverend and Mrs. Field once again visted our school. They have taught guest lessons at our school for several years now, both in Amersfoort and Kesteren.
Mrs. Field prepared the students in 2VA for the annual excursion to England at the end of the school year. She told them about various typical English customs and habits.
Reverend Field told 1VA many interesting things about John Bunyan’s life. The students really enjoyed his story and asked him several questions.
During the guest lessons all students took notes of which they hope to make a nice report for in their TTO portfolios.


Thursday, October 14th 2011, class 2VA went to the Archeon park, to get a guided tour over the departments of the Roman period and the Middle Ages. Besides of theory, all of us could practice to produce a bracelet, to train as a soldier, to shoot with a crossbow and to experience an arm massage. Especially these last activities were joyful.

Remembrance Day

Friday 11-11-2011 class 3VA paid attention to Remembrance day , the day whent World War I and all later wars are being remembered in Britain and the Commonwealth. Americans call this day Veteran Day. We ‘ve seen  the history of these days  in several video clips . All students had their poppies on, as the poppy is the symbol of pain of families who live on with the loss of a dear son, fiancé or father.  We heard the poem: “In Flanders fields the poppies grow between the crosses row on row…”We sang the hymn “O God our help in ages past”and the Canadian national hymn.

Thanksgiving 24 november 2011

Class 2VA had a special history lesson to celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrim fathers  in America. This national holiday is held on the 4th Thursday in November. We had a celebration with details on the Pilgrims, singing of the national anthem and hymns and a special American cookie.

Christmas Program

All TTO classes are having a Christmas Program on December 23 in the auditorium of the school. Everything will be done in English. Reverend W. Pieters will provide us with some words of meditation. All students will contribute to the program either by singing Christmas hymns or by reciting self-made poems. It is a special get together.

Guestlesson 1VA

On Thursday January 19, 2012 class 1VA had a guestlesson given by Kareem Hashim from the United Arabic Emirates. It was very interesting to hear about this country which is so totally different from the Netherlands. The students were enthusiastic and asked many questions. It was good to hear about this country and the muslim culture from a different point of view.

Guestlesson Prof. Moens

Friday 17 February class 3VA got a guestlesson given by Prof. Dr. N. Moens, lecturer at the VU University at Amsterdam. He dealt with the blessings of IT in healthcare. In his presentation he has shown many examples of curing diseases in Africa, with long distance advice from academic specialists in Europe.

Amsterdam 3VA

Wednesday February 16th  class 3VA made acquaintance with an international sport: squash, at the Frans Otten stadium at Amsterdam. In the afternoon they had the privilege to be the guests of the USA consulate. Here they got a lecture by two vice-consuls Jake Goshert and Albert Cea, who focused on Equal civil rights, because this month is Black History month. As the topic ‘ equal rights for black and white’  was also the main theme of class 3VA on the TTO -presentation evening of February 17th , this explanation suited our purpose very well.

Old Wood – class 1VA

On Wednesday April 4, 2012 class 1VA visited artist Diederick Kraaijeveld, who makes wonderful things from old wood, in the former post office in Hilversum. Mr. Kraaijeveld travels around the entire world in search of used boards and makes his artworks without painting anything. He only saws and glues things.
In the afternoon the student made their own works of arts using Mr. Kraaijevelds technique. Instead of old wood, the students used ‘old’ cardboard, which resulted in beautiful artworks!

The day of world citizenship

The day of world citizenship started with an investigation of persecution of Christians across the world. The students have read reports on Christians ,set in prison , being tortured and executed in Africa, Asia, South America and  in Europe. By the end of the lesson all students sent a card to Christians in prison in Asia.
After having studied tortured Christians, class 3VA met Jean Bosco Lokondo ,a refugee from Congo. All were moved when they heard how he was rounded up, lost his wife and child, and finally ended up in the Netherlands.
Last Wednesday the 4th of April, students from class 3VA had to present a foreign country. They did this by giving a powerpoint presentation followed by preparing a recipe from that country. Everyone could taste a bit of that country. We had melktaart from South Africa, buritos from Mexico, fallafel from Israel, etc. It was delicious!! The jury enjoyed it and so did the students.

National Annual Junior Speaking Contest

Yesterdat the annual Junior Speaking Contest was held in the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe Theater’ in Amersfoort. Two students from our school participated in this contest because both of them had won the first prize in the regional rounds.
Josine Leeuwdrent (2VA) won second prize! Leanie van Deelen did not get first or second prize but is among the eight best students in our country. Great job girls!

Excursie 3VA Europees Parlement

On June 5th, class 3VA was invited to the European Parliament at Brussels. This trip was the last part of a series of lessons on the EU. Mrs. Wortmann her staff were very helpful in answering many questions and have shown us characteristic features of this building. Apparently, Mrs. Wortmann appreciated the visit, as you can read in her Twitter she has sent.

Kennismaking nieuwe TTO-leerlingen

On June 13 we welcomed our new bilingual students (TTO) and their parents to our school. This was to give them an impression of what to expect the coming years. Students from class 3VA were interviewed, severals students from class 2VA presented some things on Biblical Archeology and four students from class 1VA did a short roleplay. After this the general knowledge of the primary school students was tested by a quiz on geography. It was a succesful evening, the newcomers went home enthusiastically with many impressions.

Graduation 3VA

Finally, July 4, 2012. Graduation of class 3VA. All students have passed their exams and this evening they will receive their certificates. As dignified students, complete with caps and gowns, the students receive their so coveted papers under the watching eyes of their parents. A beautiful, meaningful evening with short speeches, singing and the signing of the certificates. Congratulations 3VA!!
While enjoying a snack and a drink, students, parents and teachers talk together outside after which everyone heads home.