Activiteitenoverzicht TTO 2010-2011

International games

Class 1VA had a very nice start of their sportsactivities when they performed international games on August 25, 2010. The fresh TTO students held rounds of hockey, hitball and baseball.

Guestlesson by Rev. Joseph Nwibo

August 30, 2010, Classes 3VA and 3VB had the privilege to listen to a lesson given by Rev. Nwibo from Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He explained some of the problems in politics, economy and religion that this African state has to solve.  Besides of listening, he made us experience the musical talents he got.

Living in Burkina Faso

Two inhabitants of Burkina Faso held a presentation on aspects concerning agriculture and care in their country on September 15. We are grateful that the Word and Deed committee made it possible to have the specialists in our midst. All TTO students listened to the powerpoint presentation and had many questions after the lecture.

Dutch immigrants in Canada

The 20st of September 2010 we had the privilege to get Mr. A. Stoutjesdyk from Chilliwack, BC, Canada as guest speaker in our TTO classes, grade 2 and 3. He had a powerpoint presentation on the Dutch immigrants in Canada in the ’50s. The PPP was extra interesting, because it was an autobiographic document. We cannot imagine how difficult it was to adapt to life this new country.

European Day of the Languages

The 27st of September, the celebration of the European Day of the Languages, 30 students from 2 VWO/TTO went to their former primary school to deliver a speech on TTO and to give a lesson in English to classes 7 and 8. They fully enjoyed it!

Junior TTO-school

September 29,  2010 the Van Lodenstein College  was one of the schools that received the official certificate as Junior TTO school. Our school obtained the status of certified tto Junior school last May, after an inspection. Mrs. R. Tanner spoke on behalf of the European Platform and mentioned in her speech that the school had worked very hard to reach this status. The board of inspection valued that the TTO department acts as a pull factor in starting new educational strategies.

Mr. and Mrs. Field

Mrs Field explained English lifestyle with pupils of classes 2VA and 2VB to prepare them for the excursion to England in June 2010, when they’re going to stay in guest families. All paid attention to this speech and asked many questions about the do’s and don’ts in Great Britain.
Mr. Field delivered a lesson on “How to spend my money?”  Mr. Field applied this economic question to the biblical way of spending possessions. Students were very motivated to hear about this topic and asked many questions. Besides of this subject, Mr. Field has given details on life in Switzerland.

Mrs. Vogelaar

On 8 November Mrs. Vogelaar gave a lecture for our 1VA group. She spoke about the Reformation and the role of John Calvin in Europe. It was good to see how our young students were able to understand her message very well.

Speaking contest

Yesterday (February 8, 2011) Maartje Schouwstra participated in a TTO speaking contest at Broklede School in Breukelen. Students from nine different schools performed in this contest. Maartje won the third prize. A wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations!

Excursion to Amsterdam

February the 9nd, classes 3VA and 3VB had an excursion to Amsterdam. In the morning we had some exercises. Speed and endurance were tested at squashing, an English sport. In the afternoon we were entertained by the Consul of the USA. After a strict screening, we were welcomed with a drink and donuts. Consul Stuart Wilson and his assistant delivered a speech on FD Roosevelt and the New Deal. After that we got a guided tour over the place.


The 26th of November and the 17nd of January, years 2 and 3 TTO paid attention to two American celebrations during history lessons: Thanksgiving, to remember the first harvest of the Pilgrim fathers in the New World and Martin Luther King Day to commemorate the famous “I have dream” speech for equal rights of all races.

Introduction new students CLIL

Wednesday June 15th our new students CLIL had the privilege to get information on the CLIL education. They, and their parents, followed a presentation given by class 2 and did a quiz. Class 3 reflected on the value of three years of CLIL education.

Graduation day

Wednesday June 15t , classes 3 CLIL got their certificates Junior CLIL education. Together with these certificates, a proof of the Anglia speaking pilot was handed out. And thirdly, it was said that all students had passed their Anglia written exam. (12 students performed the proof on proficiency level, the others did an Advanced level exam).  This last certificate will be sent home.
The special meeting was concluded by music played by several students and all of enjoyed a British cake and had a soft drink.

Trip to Brussels

Classes 3VA and 3VB had the privilege to be guest of the CDA at the European Parliament in Brussels. Mrs. Wortmann – Kool, deputy chairman of all Christian political parties in the EU spoke about the problem of the economic crisis in Greece, which was valued very much by our students. Our students asked the public in the street after their opinion on the EU.